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Student Spotlight: Nicholas Gantt

Student Spotlight

Nicholas Gantt, “A Man on a Mission.”

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“This program has changed my life!” Nicholas Gant responded when asked about the Media Enterprise program at KDOL TV. For the past three years, Nick has been a cheerful, enthusiastic video journalism student at MEA.  MEA’s goal is to provide high-school students like Nick, the opportunity to empower themselves by voicing their perspectives through video and media. Nicholas has benefited tremendously with his new tools, allowing him to explore personal challenges and face his fears through media.

Nick’s success has not come as easily as it may for some students. Nick battles his ongoing learning disabilities associated with Asperger’s syndrome, such as difficulty with communications and social interactions. Nick has risen to the challenge and harnessed the power of journalism and media production, which has helped him explore and grow.

Before the MEA program, it would have been unthinkable for Nick to consider being a personality on broadcast television. Today, if you visit the set of ONews you will see him confidently leading the show as an ONews host. Currently, Nick is also working on a segment for the upcoming ONews on learning disabilities in Bay Area high-school students. This project allows him to delve into two of his favorite interests: video journalism and psychology.

After high-school graduation, Nick aspires to pursue a degree in Psychology. He envisions a future where psychology and media may intertwine in his work. Nick ultimately wants to practice as a therapist for children with special needs. As a therapist he hopes to help young people work through obstacles, such as reading and writing and managing emotional behavior. He is fascinated with learning more about the mind and how to navigate human behavior.

Nick says he is a “man on a mission.” That mission is to help others with similar challenges that may be held back by social pressures and criticisms. He hopes that through his filmmaking he can share his inspirational story about finding his voice and pursuing his dreams. Nick’s motto in life, “If you have a dream, go for it.”