ONews Broadcasts

• Edition 6:  Happy New Year from ONews 

“Students are learning how to use film to talk about their city and their lives.”                                                                      -ONews Student Anchor

 • Special Sports Edition: The Oakland Raiders and Oakland Student Athletes

“I look back at where I came from and understand that it can be bad, it can be a lot worst, and that keeps me humble”
– Usama Young-Oakland Raiders

 Edition 5:  On Violence

“Now we ask ourselves, is Oakland really safer with gang injunctions? Our team took to the streets to find out”
– ONews co-anchor

• Edition 4:  Body Image

“Barbie Complex” and “Soda”   Body issues are a big issues that come up for almost everybody”
– Dr. Keith Sutton, Therapist, Bay Area Center for Adolescents

Edition 3:  School Dropouts

“Do you know anybody who has dropped out of high school? Yeah, most of my family actually…”
– ONews Reporter to student

Edition 2:  Exercise

“We’re trying to find out the best ways to stay fit and the best exercises you can do around Lake Merritt”
– Lobsan Barrera/ONews Student Reporter

Edition 1:  Climate Change

“Our special report this week is on the subject of ‘Climate Change’. It’s something that affects us all, but we don’t always think about.”
– ONews Student Anchor