KDOL-TV Alums—”Pay it Forward”


KDOL Alumni Reunion, December 2013

 “Give a voice” to the next generation of media-makers. Here’s how you can help:

We are very proud of our past KDOL-TV students and the accomplishments they have made in the media industry and in their communities. We would like to highlight Alumni achievements on this page, so send us a line and a photo about the exciting work you are doing.

Donate: Pay it forward!

Hire a MEA/KDOL student for your next project:

Media Enterprise Alliance’s social enterprise division, Oworx, provides professional workforce opportunities for MEA/KDOL students and their mentor/teachers. MEA offers fee-based services to community non-profits and local businesses in order to generate earned income. In 2013 MEA generated enough earned income to provide 50% of MEA students with paid internships in the media production field.

For information about how to hire a KDOL crew to work on your project contact:
Jeff Key, MEA at KDOL-TV Executive Director:

Mentor a student

Have you ever considered teaching a media-arts high school student the tricks of the trade.  MEA at KDOL students could benefit from your knowledge and your willingness to share your expertise with them.  Consider bringing along a few KDOL students on your next job.

Volunteer your time or skills

Are you a documentary filmmaker, do you make feature films, create special effects, compose your own beats? Come in to the KDOL-TV studio, show the students your work, and tell them how you progressed from being a student like them to being a professional in the field.  All they need is a little guidance and inspiration.

DONATE:  to sponsor a student, or provide them with an internshipJenny w-students 1-20-14

All MEA at KDOL-TV classes art taught by media professionals in the field at no cost to the students. Students have the opportunity to form close relationships with a mentor/teacher who works with them on an 8:1 student/teacher ratio. MEA focuses on building skills that support students to complete high school, transition to college, and build careers in a growing job market sector.

MEA students receive an initial training program in all aspects of media arts including video production, and graphic and website design. They are then able to take on media jobs generated by MEA that pay them a stipend.

As tracked through MEA program and school data, 100% of MEA seniors graduate from high school, 95% go on to college, 100% document their work for inclusion in portfolios and resumes, and 50% receive paid internships.

For additional information, or to drop us a line about your accomplishments:contact: Jeff Key, MEA at KDOL-TV Executive Director: