Why You Should Major in Journalism

Why You Should Major in Journalism


Journalism is a particular sector that will live on forever. The aspects that fuel journalism tend to form the main reason why it stands to be valid at all times. The importance of exposing the truth and understanding the world through different perspectives is something that we all need in our day to day lives. This brings us to our main topic, i.e. why you should major in journalism. The answer to this question comes through numerous points because that’s how important journalism stands to be. Hence, to carry that procedure forward, here’s why you should major in journalism.

Be the First

By all means, you will be the first individual to gain access to a particular story or event even before the world. Since the job comes with a lot of essential tools, you can cover significant aspects of the world and keep an eye for the latest developments. Spanning all across, you may never know when something occurs, but when it does, you will know it before anyone else. The power that lies on your shoulder is immense and carrying forward the profession in the right manner is quite crucial for growth and incredibility.

The Passion for Curiosity

Journalists are a couple of individuals who are always curious for more. They are on a constant urge to discover the truth and show the world the real side of the coin. This particular passion moves forward and opens the door for the world to watch and believe. Through time, we are all aware of how journalism has helped us in making us understand numerous aspects of life. In this journey, we have also lost a couple of talented journalists all because they were doing their jobs. Going from point A to point B for the country stands to be true journalism.

Learn More About Life

There might be very few fields out in the real world that can help you see life like the way journalism does. The curiosity to discover gets loaded with unpredictable opportunities. So by all means, you need to be prepared because this journey is not going to be easy. You will be meeting various individuals and will have the power to question and bring out the truth. This habit opens your eyes to a lot of elements that revolve around life.

A Different Story Teller

Journalism tends to tell stories for people and helps them to see both sides of the coin. Deciding the side that is true and false may happen according to an individual’s perspective, but journalism enables you to understand the real side. These storytellers never sell stories for money; instead, they do it for passion and the fire of truth that lies deep on their minds.


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